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From the living room to the classroom, Castle Hill’s clinical experts have the experience and a plan to improve the lives of your child and your family. We have the knowledge to create and implement the clinical ‘road map’ that we will address the challenges that you, your family and your child are facing. Castle Hill uses a non-traditional clinical approach that is focused on renewing and strengthening relationships through communication, learning, understanding and a solutions-based approach.

Partners & Resources

Each of Castle Hill’s therapists is driven to recognize, explain and effectively address the needs of kids and their families who are in the midst of complex emotional challenges and traumas.


Castle Hill team members provide an activity-based, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skill building to:  

  • Provide services in your home, school, or community locations

  • Address such problems as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, substance use, trauma, divorce & amp; other losses.

  • Improve school, work, and athletic performance

  • Strengthen peer and family relationship





Personalized Therapy
In-Home Counseling 


The Castle Hill team works with the entire household identify and implement the clinical ‘road map’ forward that will strengthen the connection between your child and your family.


By offering multiple family counseling meeting structures in your home (all family members together, separate parent strategy time, sibling groups, grandparents if requested), we facilitate a process for family strength through four distinct phases:


  • Recognizing helpful and harmful patterns between family members 

  • Creating a Family Action Plan to collaboratively solve problems as a family “team” 

  •  Modifying unproductive interactions and behaviors and increase positive family time

  • Reflection and wrap up



Castle Hill’s clinical experts work closely with educators and administrators from schools of all sizes to create clinical plans and therapeutic programs (aka framework) that comprehensively supports the mental health needs of children and their families.


The Castle Hill team can assist with a variety of roles and services, including:

  • Behavioral planning for educators in the school setting

  • Therapeutic program development

  • Professional development workshops on a variety of topics including depression, anxiety, and trauma

  • IEP Team participation

Parental Workshops

The Castle Hill team provides the structure and the tools to decrease the stress of parenting and implement effective parenting strategies such as:

  • Setting consistent and clear expectations and limits

  • Improving communication and cooperation between family members

  • Navigating the educational system

  • Strengthen co-parenting relationships

  • Utilize wraparound model to build a team of family supports 


Clinical Therapy

Acting as a collaborative extension of your organization, Castle Hill therapists works closely with children and their families and to quickly stabilize and normalize distressed, complex situations. Castle Hill’s clinical expertise and includes:


  • Action-Oriented Family Therapy

  • Parental Engagement

  • Creative Therapeutic Strategies

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

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